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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Multimedia is the technology which integrates different kinds of media such as text, sound, video, images and animation; coupled with the power of interactive digital technology.

What is Animation?

In Latin ANIMA means soul. To animate is literally “to give life” to a character. Animating is moving something which can’t move itself. Animation has evolved drastically from the cave walls of prehistoric times or the rubbery cartoons of the early twentieth century, to almost life-like computer generated graphics & animation of today.

Which are the application areas of Multimedia & Animation?

Multimedia is inevitably being used in Print & Publishing industry, Entertainment Industry which includes Broadcast Media & Film, Advertising industry, Internet, Gaming, Education, Computer Based Training Applications, Architectural & Interior Designing, Fashion & Jewelry Designing, Product Designing, Medical Simulation, mobile application development etc.

What are the salary levels that Multimedia & Animation professionals get?

Multimedia & Animation professionals are in great demand. The average salary that a Multimedia professional gets to start with is around Rs.12000/- and goes multifold depending on experience and skill sets. Salaries of animators in India have grown by 33% over the last three years. At the entry level, animators could earn between Rs.15000/- and Rs.35,000 per month

What is the duration of the course in Arena?

he duration of the course depends upon the specialization that you take & the number of hours you can devote for the training. Career courses span from one to two and a half years, whereas short term professional courses span from three to six months.

What is the current industry scenario?

Indian Animation industry has experienced exponential growth in the last few years. And the trend is . expected to continue. Numerous advantages have contributed to the upsurge in India’s Animation industry. They include quality human resources, artistry and creativity, technological proficiency, productivity and English proficiency. Apart from this, there are many well-equipped animation studios in Bangalore which employ highly qualified professionals.

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